I asked Employment Law Associate, Theresa Carling to comment on this latest news story:

"Over the years, I have heard all kinds of stories about toxic employees. Some individuals behaviour ranges from spiteful to downright unhinged!

Many are those who somehow seem to evade the disciplinary procedure by acting in a manner calculated to keep them just short of any formal action while managing to upset the whole of the team around them. Some don’t realise how damaging that their behaviour is and sometimes a quiet word can have a powerful effect. When that hasn’t worked, some even make it to formal action but their actions are generally just short of allowing the employer client to show the employee the door. We regularly hear of employees who clearly think that they are immune to any disciplinary action as they have been there for years and been allowed to get away with it-and that really is key as the longer it goes on, the harder it can be to action effectively. My motto is always that there will be ways and means and toxic employees are a particular speciality of mine!

If you have difficult staff to remove from your business, then give me a call and we can look to assist a toxic employee on to new pastures…."