Employment lawyer, Theresa Carling comments on this latest employee research;

"How many days have you gone into work half asleep due to a rough night with the children or struggling to sleep with insomnia or a minor illness that you don’t want to take a day off work for? 

Maybe when you get there, you can perk yourself up with a coffee and slowly come round or maybe you just hope that you can stay at work and quietly get on with your job while stifling the occasional yawn. 

In some jobs tiredness can cause serious repercussions as errors are made, or even worse, lives are put at risk, so a sensible risk assessment from a Health and Safety point of view would be a good start.

With the news that sleep deprivation costs the UK economy a whopping £40 billion a year, most employers, who bear the brunt of this cost in days taken as sickness absence or reduced productivity, won’t have anything in place for dealing with tired staff-except maybe an industrial strength coffee machine! So what can be done to counter it?

 Well, perhaps you might consider having a policy on duvet days or more flexible working arrangements, both of which would help your exhausted employees. Some employers in the creative industries and in very progressive SCANDIC countries even have beds available for staff needing a brief 40 winks. I wonder if that would take off here?!"