Our article over on the TBI Blog in July By Trainee Solicitor, Ellie Gilbert  about parking fines really struck a chord as it was one of our most read and shared articles so far this year. 

I asked Ellie to comment on the recent news about people parking in parking bays that have been allocated for parents with children.

"As discussed in my article following the recent judgment from the Court in November 2015, it seems that now supermarkets are imposing similar sanctions in relation to parent and child and disabled parking bays. 

We have all been guilty of it, haven’t we? Thinking;

“I will just park in the parent and child bay as I only need a pint of milk, I’ll be 2 minutes.” 

The decision to impose these fines seems to be along similar lines as the Court's decision, in that they are a penalty for misuse which is designed to be a deterrent and not a money making scheme and to ensure that the right people use the designated bays. So, again the question is, would you rather pay 79p or £100.79 for a pint of milk?"