I shared a story a few weeks ago about parents battling with local councils regarding being served with fines for taking children out of school during term time. Breaking news this morning was about Jon Platt spending £13,000 to take a decision made by Isle of Wight council to the High Court. Today's ruling deemed that the magistrates had been entitled to take into account the "wider picture" of the child's attendance outside of the days she was absent on holiday.

Also speaking after the ruling, Isle of Wight Council leader Jonathan Bacon told Sky News: "My disappointment is that we haven't got a clear ruling of where the law is now.

"(The judges) haven't laid down a percentage or number of days but have simply said each case turns on its merits, which makes it very difficult for any local authority.

"What we need is central government now to look at this very carefully. I don't think we know where we are now."

I guess this discussion will be still rolling on for some time and in the mean time it's really not a great deal clearer for many thousands of parents considering taking their children out of school during term time.