I asked Brian Farrell, a partner in our Family Law Team what his thoughts were on Gary Lineker's gripes about divorce ..

" Recently  divorced  Gary  Lineker has  called  for  a "mathematical equation" to  help couples divorce. If only it was as simple  and  straightforward as that then a formula would have  been devised long ago.  While there is no mathematical formula  and  it is unlikely  that there ever could be, we do have  legal  guidance  as  to why  and  how divorce  cases  should  and  will  be settled. This guidance  comes in two main forms.  Firstly, there is  section  25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 which  sets  out  the  factors which must  be taken into account. 

Secondly,  there  are  the  precedents of previously reported divorce  cases  which  let  us know how and why the courts have decided these  cases.  If you should  ever face the  breakdown of your own marriage and  require legal advice, then  you  should  contact a divorce  lawyer who  is  a  member  of "Resolution  first  for family law",    Members follow a  Code of Practice  that  promotes a non·confrontational approach  to family problems. Members  encourage solutions that consider   the  needs  of the  whole  family  - and  in  particular the  best  interests  of children.  

Perhaps Mr.  Lineker  should  instead be  thinking about   devising  a  mathematical formula for England to win the World Cup before another 50 years?"