I asked Kay Ditcham, Partner from our Personal Injury Team to respond to this very sad news story.

 "This horrifying story illustrates how important it is to have insurance cover, whether it be for a holiday or working abroad.

My colleagues and I deal with people who have suffered from serious injuries in a number of circumstances, and know only too well the extensive treatment and rehabilitation that is required.  If we are pursuing a personal injury claim for an injured party then we will ensure that they get the best possible treatment and it will be paid for by the Defendant.  It is not clear on the face of it whether this lady has any potential claim for negligence in respect of her accident, but even if she does it will be a complicated and lengthy process.  In the meantime, because she did not have any insurance cover, she will have to rely on the NHS and charity. 

Always take out insurance cover and ensure that you are happy with the extent of the cover provided.

I hope Ms Fairclough makes a good recovery."